Tech Festival


Where students across New York City will come together, learn from other established and aspiring technologists, and solve problems using technology.


During the hackathon, please check the Live Agenda for updates on schedule!
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Saturday, April 6 at Queens College

Time Event Room
10:30 AM Doors Open Dining Hall
12:00 PM Opening Ceremony Armstrong Alley
1:00 PM Food: Lunch Armstrong Alley
1:00 PM Team Formation / Hacking Begins Armstrong Alley
2:00 PM Workshop: Intro to Unity Rathaus Hall 201
2:00 PM Workshop: Intro to HTML & CSS Powdermaker Hall 204
3:15 PM Workshop: Intro to Python Rathaus Hall 219
3:15 PM Workshop: Building Professional Relations Powdermaker Hall 130
3:15 PM Workshop: Google Cloud Platforms Powdermaker Hall 132
4:30 PM Workshop: Hacking Humans Rathaus Hall 219
4:30 PM Workshop: Git/GitHub Powdermaker Hall 204
4:30 PM Workshop: Game Design Rathaus Hall 201
4:30 PM Food: Snacks TBD
5:00 PM Workshop: Intro to SQL Powdermaker Hall 130
5:00 PM Workshop: LinkedIn Powdermaker Hall 132
5:00 PM Activity: Yoga & Meditation Rathaus Hall 211
6:30PM Food: Dinner Armstrong Alley
7:00 PM Activity: Musical Chairs Armstrong Alley
7:45 PM Workshop: Intro to Python Rathaus Hall 219
8:00 PM Workshop: Sonic Pi Powdermaker Hall 204
8:15 PM Activity: Kahoot Rathaus Hall 201
8:45 PM Food: Ice Cream TBD
9:00 PM Workshop: DevPost Powdermaker Hall 130
10:15 PM Activity: Mafia Armstrong Alley
11:00PM Food: Midnight Dinner TBD
* Length of workshops: 2 hours each

Sunday, April 7 at Queens College

Time Event Room
7:00 AM Breakfast Armstrong Alley
9:00 AM Workshop: Pitching Patio Room
11:00 AM Hacking Ends / Submissions Due N/A
11:30 AM Food: Lunch Patio Room
12:00 PM Judging (Science Fair Style) Armstrong Alley
2:00 PM Presentation Ends Armstrong Alley
2:00 PM Presentation Ends Armstrong Alley
3:15 PM Closing Ceremony Armstrong Alley


What is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a time where people from different backgrounds come together and solve a problem with Technology.

Who can attend?

Everyone is allowed to participate in the Hackathon. Please have a state ID with you on the day of the Event. If you are a shortlisted candidate for the scholarship, please carry your valid photo ID as well.

What if I am a High School or Middle School student?

If you are a Middle school student interested in participating, please join us on Thursday, April 4, 2019 and Friday, April 5, 2019 for the Talks and the Conference. Unfortunately, we cannot have you to hack with us overnight.
If you are a High School student, you can hack with us. However, we will need a copy of a waiver - signed by your legal guardian.

How can I apply?

Hit the Apply button on the Tech Festival page, or go to:

What is the deadline to apply? When will I hear back?

Priority application: If you apply between February 5 and February 28, you will hear back by March 6
Round 1: If you apply between February 28 and March 15, you will hear back by March 20
Round 2: If you apply between March 15 and March 28, you will hear back by April 2

Are there any travel reimbursements?

Unfortunately at this time, we are not providing any travel reimbursements for the hackathon. Please check back later to see if there are any advancements. However, the first 400 people to get accepted are guaranteed a sleeping bag - if they stay overnight.

Do I need a team to participate?

Absolutely not! There will be time for you to find your dream team.

What if I don't have any coding experience?

Not a problem! We want to help you get started, and we'll have beginner-focused workshops all day just for that. Even if you don't have any coding background, you'll learn and create a project by the end of the night! All you need to bring is a laptop.

Will there be room for sleeping?

Absolutely yes!!!!! However, please bring your own sleeping bags and pillows.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring your state ID, college/school ID, a laptop + charger, and anything you may need to for sleeping. We will be providing food all day Saturday and Sunday.
Note: Kosher food will be served only Saturday night, and Sunday morning. If you do eat Kosher food, you will be responsible for arranging your own meals for Saturday Breakfast and Lunch.

How to get to Queens College?

If you are driving:
Note, parking lots 5 & 14 (the reserved parking lots for the event) are located behind the Summit Residence. As a suggestion, guests should use the Main Street exit off the Long Island Expressway and enter campus through Gate 3 located on Reeves Avenue and 153rd Street.
Taking public transportation:
Take the Q88 to Horace Harding Exp & 153 Bus stop;
Take the 7 to Flushing Main Street, and take the Q34/Q25 towards Jamaica and get off in front of Queens College Kissena/Melbourne Avenue;
Take the E/F to Forest Hills and then take the Q64 to Kissena Blvd and walk to the Dining Hall.


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